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Doctoral Program:

Preparing Participants for Practice & Evaluation

with Diverse Populations


The Institute for Positive Growth is offering a free standing Ph.D. Program to

prepare helping professionals for highly advanced practice and evaluation of

practice with diverse populations. While our conceptualization of diversity is

all inclusive of populations at risk, we emphasize race, gender, and ethnicity

as our core client group.


The program will meet three times a year in blocks of eight (8) days from

Saturday through the following Saturday and coinciding with national holidays

to limit the number of day’s participants will miss work. The Institute will provide

low cost housing and meals to keep costs at a minimum. Families are welcome

to join participants. Classes will be taught at appealing locations to provide

as much convenience and enjoyment to participants and their families as

possible. Currently, Sun Valley, Idaho, Park City, Utah and Cuernavaca,

Mexico are sites to be utilized.


Students must have a Master’s Degree in the helping professions (psychology,

social work, counseling, psychiatric nursing, etc.) and must take 2 courses in

statistics (parametric and non-parametric statistics) before the program begins.

Statistics courses taken during the Master’s Degree experience are acceptable.

Students must also have completed 2 research courses with a research thesis

or project demonstrating their ability to do social research.


While classes will meet for 8 days in 3 blocks of time throughout the year,

assignments will be done after the block meetings and communication with

instructors will take place using e-mail, regular mail, and phone conversations.


The curriculum emphasizes advanced practice and evaluation with diverse

populations utilizing the strength’s perspective and evidence-based practice.

There will be qualifying examinations, a defense of the dissertation proposal,

a dissertation, and a defense of the dissertation, as in most Ph.D. Programs.



        Faculty for the Ph.D. Program will consist of well-known educators,

        practitioners, and researchers who currently teach in doctoral programs.

        Each course may have more than one instructor presenting course material.

        Instructors will have backgrounds in social work, psychology, anthropology,

        human development, social research, or other areas closely aligned with

        practice. All instructors will posses the doctoral degree and will have

        published books and articles in prestigious journals. 


The Program

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        There are a number of benefits of the Institute’s Program. 

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