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Children's Book Blog


Dear Reader:


Hello. My name is Morley Glicken and

I’m the author of this book on children

and adolescents and a number of other

professional books whose objective is

to improve the effectiveness of the help

we provide to a variety of clients. This

book on evidence-based practice with

children and adolescents comes from

a deep sense of concern that not only

are we misdiagnosing children by giving

them adult diagnostic labels, but that

we’re using untested, sometimes dangerous

medications for children who could benefit

from the kind and helpful supportive and behaviorally significant services we

provide as human service professionals.


I’m also very concerned about the youth of America, particularly those most

at risk. I hope you share that concern and that I challenge you to think about

children in a more positive and hopeful way so that you use your bully pulpits

as professionals and as non-professionals to develop new and exciting

approaches to work with America’s youth.


Although I wrote this book for human service professionals, I think interested

non-professionals and parents will benefit from reading it. I don’t think you’ll

find it difficult at all to understand.


In my book I cover the many diverse problems affecting children and adolescents

and the treatment approaches with best evidence of effectiveness. Because

research on children and their emotional problems is often scant or flawed,

it’s fine if your own experiences suggest other paths to follow. I’d love to hear

from you about what works in your practice with children.


I’ve been a social work practitioner, educator, dean and director of schools of

social work, and with this book on children, I will have published 12 professional

books. I’ve also been executive director of a large family service agency in

Arizona, a school social worker, and a clinical practitioner in private practice.

I currently teach graduate social work at Arizona State University and provide

consultation, training, and research through the Institute for Personal Growth

in Prescott, Arizona, a town in the Arizona Mountains near Sedona where I

also live and work.


As I write this I’m at my desk with the windows open. One never knows who

will come by to visit. Yesterday a large male deer came by, stood for 5 minutes

looking at me, and then ate all of our bird seed and a few of our roses. Today,

an eagle came by to have a drink at our pond.  I usually write early in the

morning when the raccoons and rabbits come out.


If you have questions or comments about my book please feel free to contact

me at mglicken@msn.com or look at my website: www.morleyglicken.com. I’d

love to hear from you. You can also find out more about me and the books I’ve

written by going to the following link at Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/-



Welcome to my book and best wishes!


Dr. Morley D. Glicken

Prescott, Arizona










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