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Consulting Services


Treatment-Related Services

            ▪    Life coaching by telephone and Internet

            ▪    Retirement Issues

            ▪    Individual and group psychotherapy and counseling

            ▪    Assessments and recommendations for treatment of violent    

                 children, adolescents and older adults

            ▪    Therapy using Evidence-Based Practice

            ▪    Therapy using the Strengths Perspective

            ▪    Individual and groups therapy with men

            ▪    Electronic articles and books on a variety of treatment issues

            ▪    Specialized internet courses on treatment issues

            ▪    Telephone and internet counseling services


Management-Related Services

            ▪    Assisting agencies in searches for Executive Directors

            ▪    Professional and executive recruitment

            ▪    Budget preparation and grant writing

            ▪    Locating public and private funding sources

            ▪    Assisting in presentations to funding organizations

            ▪    Accreditation reports

            ▪    Reading and evaluating research reports for grant


            ▪    Needs assessments and program evaluations

            ▪    Organizing and planning staff and board retreats

            ▪    Organizing, sponsoring, and promoting professional            

                 conferences, workshops, and symposia

            ▪    Technology for providing agency case management services

            ▪    Specialized Internet courses and on-site workshops on

                 management issues

            ▪    Staff development and training manuals

            ▪    Private consultation with agency executives, staff, board

                 members and academic personnel experiencing work-related


            ▪    Employee assistance programs, telephone counseling

                 services, and confidential assistance to agencies

                 experiencing staff problems

            ▪    Reviewing and developing personnel policy manuals

            ▪    Developing new services and programs

            ▪    Fundraising

            ▪    Choosing and working effectively with board members

To arrange treatment or management services contact Dr. Morley Glicken at mglicken@msn.com or call 520.288.0335.


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