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Internet Courses


The following courses are offered over the Internet. For more information

on cost and content, please contact Dr. Glicken at the Institute at 520.288.0355

or mglicken@msn.com.


Evidence-Based Practice

A course on research-guided practice for the helping professions covering

the descriptions of EBP and its application to a variety of social and

emotional problems including PTSD, abuse, addictions, depression,

anxiety, and problems related to aging.


Family Violence

This course covers assessment, detection, and intervention strategies with

an emphasis on evidence-based practice. It also includes the use of community resources, cultural factors, same gender abuse dynamics,

and the most current research on assessment and treatment of victims

and perpetrators of family abuse. Conforms to the requirements for licensure

of social workers, psychologists and counselors in many states.


The Strengths Perspective

A course covering the theory and application of the strengths perspective

(also called Positive Psychology) to a variety of client social and

emotional problems.


Psychotherapy with Men

Learning to work effectively with male clients and to apply the most current

research on treatment effectiveness with men.


Human Sexuality

A course conforming to some state licensure requirements focusing on

the treatment of common sexual problems experienced by men and women.


Applying Resilience to Practice

Applying our understanding of resilience to the practice of psychotherapy

and counseling.


Child Abuse and Neglect

A course conforming to many state licensure requirements, which focuses

on the assessment, treatment, and prevention of child abuse and neglect.



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