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Workshops on Retirement

Dr. Glicken will conduct workshops on retirement issues in Prescott and

Sedona, Arizona. Issues that will be covered include:

               Knowing When to Retire

               Retirement Planning

               Retired and Single

               Matured Love Relationships

               Best Places to Live

               Staying Healthy

Workshops will be also include opportunities to tour and hike the Prescott

and Sedona areas, cocktail parties, dancing and western eating.

The Institute also offers a variety of on-site and Internet workshops on :


             ▪  Work with abusive perpetrators and their victims

             ▪  Working with troubled men

             ▪  Coping with physical and emotional traumas


        For more information on scheduling a workshop, please contact Dr.

        Glicken at mglicken@msn.com or at 520.288.0335.


Workshops in Mexico

We offer international workshops in Mexico for helping professionals

and teachers on Mexican culture and preparation for work with Mexican

Nationals immigrating to The United States.

        More information on the workshops for helping professionals!

        More information on the workshops for the public!



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